Key changes in version 4.99 are related to the CADAS Platform adaptation to requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU, commonly known as the GDPR.

First of all, there were procedures introduced to tag the protected data and to handle automatic pseudo-anonymisation of the tagged data entries in the user interface, which ensures that access to the data processed and stored in the system can be precisely configured and restrictively controlled for different user roles. The pseudoanonymisation method used, which abbreviates selected strings in a way that makes restoring their original values impossible (PROPOSAL: according to the GDPR, in the opinion of the Working Group of the European advisory body) is sufficient to minimize the risk of violating rights and freedoms of data subjects.

A procedure has been introduced that registers respondents from various projects executed on the same group of respondents in a single Central Database. In addition to many benefits resulting from studies being conducted on a common database, the new solution significantly facilitates GDPR compliance, including pseudoanonymisation of personal data in accordance with the GDPR guidelines.