Access to user data

  1. 1.1.3 Access to user data
    1. User lists
    2. Editing users
    3. Exporting users
    4. Importing users
    5. Control
    6. Results export
    7. Ranking of interviewers
    8. Work hours
    9. Reports
    10. Users activity

CATI, CAPI and MOBI surveys are carried out with help of an extensive network of interviewers, which usually involves two levels. Personal data is stored in the system for contact and settlement purposes, necessary for contracts execution. This includes, in particular, customary (in the sense of the GDPR) personal data of coordinators, researchers, analysts, controllers and other users who are using the system. In order to limit access to such data, administrators (PDAs) may define categories of users, who may access or should not access the protected data related to the interviewers’ network.

In the 'Administration -> Access to modules' menu it is now possible to specify categories of users who can see hidden data by checking the 'Access to personal data (user data)’ option.

Try to restrict the number of people with access to protected data to absolute minimum.

n case of a dual-level network, for coordinators restrict access to user of their network only, so that they cannot see users working in another sub-network or persons employed in the company.

Only persons authorized by the administrator (PDAs) may access the personal data.

Access to protected user data should be limited only to a small group of users, who manage the network and bill interviewers. During the results analysis, results encoding and database maintenance phase, access to the data shall be limited.