Access to respondents answers

Often, in the course of a survey, information is acquired that allows respondent's preferences to be correlated with their personal data (e.g. phone number, email address). Often this data is acquired for validation purposes only, however it should be ensured that only designated persons in the company can access this information in full. For this purpose, administrators may define categories of users who may have or who should not have access to specific confidential data in the survey results database.

In the 'Administration -> Access to modules' menu it is now possible to specify categories of users who can see hidden data by checking the 'Access to personal data (personal questions)’option.

Try to restrict the number of people with access to protected data to absolute minimum.

Only persons authorized by the administrator (PDA) may access the personal data.

When creating a questionnaire, scripters can define which variables may contain sensitive data. This can also be accomplished by clicking on a question and by selecting the 'Personal question’ option.

Access to protected result data should be limited only to a small group of users, who control interviews. During the results analysis, results encoding and settlement phase, access to the data shall be limited.