A functionality has been introduced allowing e-mail mailing to be scheduled and performed at a later time (e.g. at night). When the user selects the “Schedule” option, they can additionally specify when the mailing is to be started. In addition, user can also specify the interval between consecutive emails so as to prevent the CADAS system from being blocked by certain mail servers (e.g. google).

Additionally changes have been introduced allowing users to specify account names which will be displayed in the respondent’s inbox.

Also filtering and group definition mechanisms have been improved by adding new, more advanced conditions. A new functionality has been added allowing e-mail messages to be sent to people who have been contacted not more than N times.

A parameter has been added allowing the user to specify the default name of the host from which the mailing will be sourced. This is particularly important, when one server instance supports multiple domains.

This update is related to these variables used in the questionnaire text, in which host name is used, e.g.:

  • %link%
  • %personal_link%
  • %unsubscribe%