Research support

Operational Support


Operational support (for service delivery):

For those of our product or service customers who want to use the CADAS Platform and outsource specific client application operator tasks (SCU, QET, and MySh) we offer the support of our implementation and customer service employees.

In particular, this applies to external users who do not have their own CADAS application operators, but are pursuing their research projects on the CADAS Platform, using our IT infrastructure as part of the PaaS offering.

We also offer our assistance to all our licensees who have personnel trained in operating the CADAS Platform, but suffer from staff shortages.

CADAS Application Operation:

  • standard project handling in the CADAS SCU application;
  • questionnaire programming in the CADAS QET application;
  • implementation of special procedures (CONJOINT, BPTO, DELPHI etc.);
  • completing the standard set of actions to prepare a data set and configure the MySh CADAS reporting viewer;
  • validating a phone number database with the Detecting Dialing module of the CADAS Call Server application in order to select active numbers and mark their status.

Related Operations:

  • processing databases for the project;
  • processing graphics and multimedia for the project;
  • creating a new questionnaire design according to the customer's specific requirements;
  • processing of survey data according to the given format of the target set;
  • providing briefings to field workers.


  • for interviewers or other field workers (auditors, recruiters, observers, etc.);
  • for web respondents;
  • for users of other CADAS Platform remote services (CADAS Panel, CADAS MySh, CADAS eStat, CADAS CallServer, etc.).

NOTE: The service is provided on request—only for specific research projects. Licensed CADAS Platform users organize their own Helpdesk within their operating structures.

Other Services

The services listed above do not preclude other elements of operational support that may be necessary for researchers to provide their services. We are ready to perform other services as well. The only exception is the execution of questionnaire interviews and other fieldwork activities that require a network of field workers and are the responsibility of specialized research implementation departments or field centers.