Client support

System Maintenance


The buyers of our software licenses can use the following elements of the System Maintenance Service Package (PUUS):

  • a warranty that provides emergency assistance,
  • technical support for IT services,
  • emergency support for users,
  • updates to keep up with innovations.


Licensees are guaranteed the highest standards of software reliability and stability as expected from comparable MES-grade technology and software solutions on the market. We spare no efforts in ensuring compliance with those requirements and have rigorous corporate procedures in place.
It is well known, however, that due to human error and rapid technological developments even the best practices leave a margin for hidden product defects that become visible only in the target production environment.
That is why we offer the best possible customer care services for CADAS Platform users.
As part of our software quality guarantee, we provide support to all eligible CADAS Platform users in all emergency situations when issues with our software interrupt their normal work.
We provide instant diagnostics to determine whether the fault is ours (due to a hidden defect of our software or human error) or the cause lies elsewhere.

  • If the fault is ours, we guarantee the free, immediate and effective removal of: (i) hidden structural defects of the Software, or (ii) errors in the implementation of the software in the specific IT environment, or (iii) handling errors made by our developers, technicians and implementers.


  • If the diagnosis indicates that the cause is inherent in the IT environment and is beyond our responsibility, we don't leave our users to their own devices, but offer technical support for the local IT administrator. In addition, we introduce design modifications or offer operating recommendations to improve the resilience of our software to the interference in the environment.

The specific responsibilities of CADAS Software Sp. z o.o. with regard to the warranty term, availability, response time, incident resolution time and emergency support procedures are stipulated in agreements with license and accompanying service buyers. Regardless of the emergency support, we provide our users with a System Maintenance Package that includes (i) technical support, (ii) emergency support, and (iii) updates.

Technical Support

We provide wide-ranging support to our licensees' IT administrators and users as well as their third party IT service providers in order to ensure the efficient operation of the IT infrastructure where our software has been installed.
This applies to any tasks within the licensee's IT infrastructure that lie beyond the scope of our responsibilities under the warranty and within the scope of competence or responsibility of the licensee's users. In particular, this includes:

  • Assistance in configuring infrastructure components that are relevant to the stable operation of the software;
  • Assistance in resolving crisis situations: failures, downtime, etc., which manifest themselves in incorrect operation of our software but have been diagnosed according to the Servicing Procedure as not related to a structural deficiency of the software or the licensor's service errors.
  • Consulting with regard to infrastructure extensions and upgrades in order to avoid the incompatibility of new elements and to optimize the operation of systems installed with the licensor's software;

CADAS Software Sp. z o.o. technical support services are normally subject to the same incident reporting procedures as Warranty Support cases.

Emergency Support

We are always on standby to assist the licensee's operating personnel in problems with routine operations using the SCU and QET client applications of the CADAS Platform. In particular, this includes tips provided by a CADAS Software Sp. z o.o. service consultant on new software components or features if they are not described adequately in system help files or the user manual.


The CADAS platform is continuously enriched with new functional and technological solutions that we provide to our licensees.We keep pace with all industry innovations that provide competitive advantage, because our development work is inspired almost exclusively by researchers, and the CADAS Platform is used primarily by sales and market research professionals in commercial agencies or corporate research teams. .

Training and Certification

Our software licensees and software engineering or hosting service customers can have their personnel trained in required areas (the scope, time and location to be determined individually). Trainees also receive relevant certificates.