CADAS Xplore

Intended for interactive processing of flat interview or observation data sets.

The Xplore survey result viewer

This viewer is ideal for market research and public opinion polling companies that want to share research results with their customers. Data is presented in a user-friendly application interface. 

With Xplore, you can:

  • Generate a cross-table with the results of an analysis;
  • Select questions for an analysis;
  • Define respondent filtering rules. If a filter is defined, only the group of respondents that meet the criteria of a query will be used for the analysis;
  • Define data filtering rules;
  • Select criteria for generating cross tables;
  • Select the column sorting order;
  • Create bar charts;
  • Create line charts;
  • Create pie charts;
  • Cross tables and charts are created in the PDF format, which enables comfortable viewing, saving and printing.