Intended for processing and for presentation of Mystery Shopper-type audit results.

CADAS MySh—computer-assisted Mystery Shopping project software

This software has sophisticated features that dramatically increase the quality and efficiency of work performed at all stages of research: 

- data and inspection material collection,,
- validation and pre-processing (weighting) of raw data and transforming distributions into scores,
- - remote, interactive presentation of the results to the recipients, including precise settings for individual rights to view dedicated areas of data.

As far as web-based presentation of the results is concerned, the Mystery Shoppingr viewer (CADAS MySh) enables:


  • The ongoing processing and adding of data wave by wave;
  • Setting up complex filters and end user navigation patterns on the shared data area;
  • Presentation of the results according to different question categories, e.g.: areas, attributes, checkpoints;
  • Presentation of the results using a wide range of charts;
  • Presentation of the results in comparison with competitors;
  • Selecting the level of detail up to a single point of inspection;
  • Collective mailing of automatically generated PDF reports to authorized recipients;
  • Customization of the presentation using a simple graphical interface;
  • Customizing the design for the customer's corporate visual identity (logos, fonts, graphics, colors).


With regard to data set management and confidentiality, the Mystery Shopping viewer (CADAS MySh) enables:

  • Support for data from multiple simultaneous projects;
  • Import of source sets from SPSS, QUANTUM or directly from the CADAS Platform;
  • Indexing and weighting data in the transforming of raw data into indicators (scores) of the objects of inspection;
  • Support for the smooth displaying of large data sets;
  • Protecting the confidentiality of data with a reliable system of access rights;
  • Precise configuration of access rights for registered users.

The MyshConf application is used for configuration and data updates. The user-friendly interface and ease of use greatly accelerate the preparation of successive waves of the research and minimize repetitive actions. Combined with the CADAS Platform, it offers additional IT support for Mystery Shopper research: 


New image
Configuration and updating of data is done using the MyshConf application.

W połączenie z platformą CADAS uzyskujemy dodatkowe informatyczne wsparcie realizacji badań typu Mystery Shopper w postaci:

  • Simultaneous multi-wave projects for multiple clients;
  • Coordinating and supervising the fieldwork of mystery shoppers, according to the periodic Mystery Shopping field inspection methodology;
  • Using a variety of techniques for data acquisition and recording (including combined techniques) in a single project;
  • Authorization/modification of raw data directly by a researcher or an authorized customer representative;
  • Easy access to auxiliary files that document the accuracy/correctness of validated data (recordings, navigation parameters, time stamps) for researchers and project supervisors;
  • The ability to modify source data, where the system logs all changes to raw data for protection;
  • Quick data updates in the Mystery Shopping data viewer.

If you would like to see the demo version of the CADAS MySh application, please contact