Intended for arranging virtual meetings on the BBS (Bulletin Board System) platform for data collection for qualitative surveys.

Intended use

CADAS FocusBoard (FoBo) is an innovative BB (Bulletin Board) tool dedicated to qualitative research. It expands the range of traditional qualitative assessment methods (FGI, IDI) by introducing the Internet medium. It allows various source material to be collected, such as: verbal statements, images, recordings, responses to tasks/assignments, spontaneous or questionnaire-based opinions on various issues or items. The source data for qualitative analyses can be obtained in the course of moderated group discussions, happenings and workshops of pre-recruited participants working on the Internet platform from distributed locations. It is possible to use mixed explorative and evaluative methods by combining moderated qualitative expression with recordings of accompanying questionnaire-based surveys.


CADAS Software - "CADAS FocusBoard


  • Creation of various user accounts: members, moderators, administrators and observers

  • Members may independently create their accounts, with a function allowing access to be approved by the administrator and with password reminders

  • Observers may not modify the site content - this role is dedicated for the party who commissioned the survey

  • Automatic or manual splitting of the forum into several groups, with the ability to completely isolate members (they will not be aware of other groups and their members existence).

  • Profile information about a member, with the option allowing them to be customized to suit needs of a respective survey.


  • Displaying currently logged members

  • Distribution of messages in the internal system with the e-mail notification option

  • Definition of tasks which can be individually addressed

  • Work on the forum - discussion of a selected topic in posts accessible to a selected group of respondents or to all respondents

    • an option allowing text to be published and formatted, graphical files to be attached and videos from YouTube or Wrzuta web sites to be embedded

    • an option to publish a CADAS questionnaire to be completed by forum members, with the ability to associate results with individual members

    • ability to evaluate (assign a score to) each post on the forum

    • article publishing option - articles can be accessed by selected groups only

  • Chat - an on-line chat functionality available for selected respondent groups


  • Project calendar - graphical presentation of respective tasks' sequence and activity terms

  • Definition of tasks start and end dates

  • User log-in data recording

  • Mail notifications module, which allows mail messages with the information on prolonged forum inactivity or on new tasks and moderator information to be sent

  • Respondents activity ranking with the evaluation parameters configuration option. Ability to hide the ranking.