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  • "CADAS Laboratory"

    Time is running relentlessly...

    Time is running relentlessly. During these days, we extended an absolutely unique contract with the Department of Methods and Techniques of Sociological Research of the Institute of Sociology of the University of Lodz, concluded nearly 10 years ago. This is, among other things, a continuation of a long-term didactic project: "CADAS Laboratory". As part of a carefully designed curriculum, students learn about the latest IT solutions in the field of survey research on the example of CADAS software.

  • Incoming traffic in CATI

    It's worth checking new possibilities the CATI module ...

    It is worth checking out the new capabilities of the CATI module of the CADAS system. Our autonomous CADAS CallServer telephony module which operates directly on the PostgreSQL system database (without data exchange with the database environment of the telecommunications service provider and without setting up special VPN channels in Home CATI) can now accept inbound connections from any telecom network. This means opening up new possibilities for telephone research on the behavior of buyers of goods and services in the CATI technology. This applies in particular to the automation of in-depth feedback contacts.

  • CADAS at INSUMMIT 2022

    It was indeed...

    It was indeed the biggest celebration of innovation in the market and opinion research industry to date. We couldn't couldn't refuse ourselves the excitement of self-presentation to an audience of 700 market experts, for whom we have been developing our software since 2004 keeping pace with the latest information technologies. We would like to thank the guests for numerous conversations at our stand, and the LSI Software company from the city of Łódź for providing a self-service device EK-2110 (Android) showing how CADAS surveys work in KIOSK mode.

  • CADAS Xplore is now mobile

    This is very good news..

    We have very good news for CX (Client Experience) experts. Presenting to authorized stakeholders the experiences of their customers when using the Xplore browser (according to indicators such as: Mystery Shopper, Net Promoter Score, Consumer Satisfaction Index, etc.) has gone beyond the barrier of availability on PCs or laptops only. A hassle-free yet super-secure authentication procedure allows you to remotely mine the allowed CX data using mobile devices from anywhere on the public network.

  • CADAS CAWI compatible with WCAG 2.1

    The CADAS system allows you to publish surveys in accordance with the statutory WCAG 2.1 standard.

    Together with the employees of the Warsaw City Hall, we developed a survey template and guidelines for publishing surveys in the CADAS survey system in accordance with the statutory WCAG 2.1 standard. All applications and websites run by public entities must be compatible with it. The Warsaw City Hall surveys are now available for people with manual disabilities as well as for those visually impaired. The content and structure of the questionnaires are clearer due to the use of appropriate contrast and font size. For the needs of the blind and visually impaired, we have additionally introduced support for the content reader. The entire survey can be operated from the keyboard. This makes it easier for any person with a manual disability or problems with using a mouse or touchpad in order to complete the form. Each survey is obligatorily provided with a link displaying the declaration of availability, which includes a description of the availability with detailed reservations.

  • CADAS NetCATI ready for "crown" trouble

    Latest generation CADAS NetCATI survey module gives ...

    Latest generation CADAS NetCATI survey module gives a particular advantage in pandemic circumstances for companies who use the CADAS release 5.0 survey system. They can easily and reliably impose the strictest CATI rigors (full supervision of 100% of procedures) in an extremely heterogeneous, dispersed and replaceable conglomerate of their own or independent subcontractors. Neither telephone research centres nor individual interviewers from the Home CATI networks need to be connected to the company's VPN network or worry about subscribing and billing phone calls. You can engage as many CATI field teams and hook up as many VoIP service providers as you find necessary (e.g. due to tariff zones to be covered within the area of field operations). For each home CATI terminal you need only: ordinary Windows PC/laptop with any browser for general use on board, USB head phone and internet connection for home use (asynchronous, with minimal bandwidth, without fixed IP). Any one call centre you would hire worldwide should meet with ease the CADAS NetCATI requirements.


    It is hard to find a survey system offering more simplified, yet rigorous enforcement of scalable CATI operations (even with a transnational coverage). The architecture of the CADAS autonomous computing node, which supports the full set of MixMode survey modules, ensures fast remote installation of the entire system in any ICT environment, both in the global Amazon Web Service cloud and in any selected data center.

  • CADAS 5.0 faces COVID-19 restrictions

    CADAS Survey System Release 5.0 proves particularly good suited

    CADAS Survey System Release 5.0 proves particularly good suited for running survey projects in home isolation. Research that until now required close contact with respondents can only be continued if it is switched to remote reach of target groups. The CADAS system provides such switching without additional effort and without any compromise. With a few clicks you can switch the f2f (CAPI or MOBI) procedure to implementation of a remote contact (CATI or CAWI).

    The real MixMode function works here. It secures automated switching between: NetCATI, IVR, CAWI, SMS, MOBI and CAPI survey modes in one survey session. This is due to deep integration of a multi-module, fully autonomous system controlled from one management application and supported by single tool for programming surveys.

  • CADAS is GDPR-Ready

    Together with version 4.99 of the

    Together with version 4.99 of the CADAS survey system, we provide both: unbeatable functionalities to protect people in relation to the processing of their personal data as well as considerable ease in complying with the strict regulations of the GDPR. We introduce thereby marking and automated masking of relevant fields in user interface tables. Users' access to data subject to protection is limited to the absolute minimum - without compromise for the convenience and efficiency of project services.
    A data registration function is also introduced in order to put many databases of respondents from various projects into one "central database". In addition to carrying out many projects on a shared basis, it gives the opportunity to use, according to one’s own invention, in need of new GDP rights of the data subjects (to: view, forget, transfer to another administrator, etc.).

  • CADAS Computing Node

    For the purposes of the GIPA Group the

    For the purposes of the GIPA Group, the CADAS Computing Node has been implemented in the AWS cloud. It is a remotely managed set of computing units and data storage and transfer services with a range as wide the network edge of the selected global cloud. It fully replaces the local ICT infrastructure, allowing tom implement a large CADAS survey system (including integrated telephony service) covering numerous centers for carrying out surveys (including callcenter) capable of transnational cooperation through a common management interface for all projects and a central operational repository. It is an innovative solution that allows for a significant reduction of infrastructure costs with a huge increase in data processing security and, at the same time, a drastic reduction of business risk.

  • CADAS Ready to Go

    As a result of a multi-stage competition

    As a result of a multi-stage competition between 351 companies from the European Union, CADAS was included in the group of 80 enterprises from the SME sector - the beneficiaries of this year's edition of the European Commission's "Ready2Go" export program. Beneficiaries receive financial and training assistance and the related recommendation when acquiring foreign partners from outside the European Union.

  • CADAS in MixMode

    You can use in one project and even in one survey

    You can use in one project, and even in one survey, all modules of the survey system (CAWI, CAPI, MOBI, CATI) with the aid of common procedures and functionalities: starting from a common script through a common database of respondents, common, amounts, common result set, up to a uniform export and a common repository of project auxiliary materials. During a single polling session, you can switch to a different method of polling repeatedly, for example by continuing a broken web survey with a telephone interview and then a f2f meeting with a CAPI or MOBI questionnaire.

  • The PTBRiO project supported by CADAS Focus Board.

    Since 2010 it has become our custom, to regularly lend the CADAS CAWI system to the Polish Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (PTBRiO).

    PTBRiO have been using it to conduct periodical customer opinion polls on market survey and opinion polling service providers. This year, we have expanded on this concept with an innovative application of the CADAS Focus Board software. It has been employed to attain the qualitative approach, in which source data acquisition is moved onto a web-based platform for moderated information exchange with respondents . This way new, unexplored options have been put to use in for focused stimulation and review of respondents ideas in explorative surveys, which can not be conducted using traditional approaches, such as Focus Group Interviews (FGI) and In-Depth Interviews (IDI).

  • MOBI questionnaire demo in Google Play store.

    When the ‘CADAS Mobi’ phrase is input in Google Play store, a brief description and a screenshot of the CADAS application is displayed. This app is designed to support form-based censuses, monitoring surveys and surveillance activities as well as short face-to-face interviews using Android tablets, smartphones and PDAs. Customers would be able to quickly download the free surveying app and without the hassle of logging in to an actual project, they could check the functionality of the newly developed MOBI form demo showcasing all supported question and control types.

  • Exciting CADAS Integration with ELLEN

    As a result of the partnership agreement with Quantum Lab Co., the CADAS platform users gained the opportunity to enrich their offer of computer aided interviewing with the ultra innovative tool for recognizing emotions of respondents, based on unvoluntary facial expressions accompanying events (eg. watching TV spot). arranged by the researcher. "Reading off" the emotions takes place in real time using a simple webcam. The stream of codes covering 6 varieties of emotions can be synchronized with the supplied stimuli and analyzed in the context of speech or standardized observation gained in CADAS.

  • CADAS Laboratory" at the University...

    In the university year 2014 / 2015, "CADAS Laboratory" will be offered by the University of Łódź to students of the Faculty of Economics. On the basis of the agreement of 30 September 2014 ...

     ... the CADAS Platform will be used by the University as a model technological and methodological solution for a computer-supported survey and with the use of the Platform students will get familiar with practical social and market surveys and, in particular, learn the professional offsite work jargon used by mood and opinion surveyors, understand methodological restrictions applicable to various types of scientific projects and pay attention to various and numerous risks of distorting the reality resulting from the collection of data input.

  • CADAS Help

    We are simplifying access to updated help resources.

    Users may use new help resources, which from now on are available in the USER AREA of our website. This allows the whole breadth of downloadable fields and instructions to be published and used by users. The content may be viewed on-line without the need to launch the CADAS software. You are welcome to visit the new sections of our website.

  • CADAS on the global scale

    As a result of the largest sales project in the history of the company.

    As a result of the largest sales project related to CADAS survey platform, which lasted for almost 10 months and involved, inter alia, three pilot implementations (two in Europe and one in the USA), adaptation development works and adjustment of the user interface and help systems to foreign market, the Company acquired the first global corporate user of its flagship product. The contract concluded at the end of March this year has opened the way to various survey centres all over the world, especially in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and NCSA (North, Central and South Americas).

  • CADAS Certificates

    Meeting personal expectations of many CADAS application users.

    Active users of CADAS Platform or other CADAS Software products, whom we have trained as the manufacturer and the supplier, within the scope of trainings conducted in companies using specific CADAS platform modules, may receive on their request certificates confirming acquisition of professional qualifications needed for our software operation. The certificate may be issued for persons, who e-mail to their application forms for the CADAS Certificate along with their consent for their personal data processing by CADAS Software Sp. z o.o., according to statutory requirements currently in force. In response we will send you an e-mail message containing a link to the form where users shall provide the information required for the certification procedure. Certificates will be issued free of charges for all applications submitted by June 30th, 2013. We are inviting all interested parties to submit their applications.

  • CADAS among "Cheetahs"

    We have been awarded with "Gepard Biznesu 2011" (Business Cheetahs 2011) and "Efektywna Firma 2011" (Effective Business 2011) titles

    Mr. Jerzy Krajewski - editor in chief of the businessmen magazine: "Magazyn Przedsiębiorców ‚Europejska Firma’" and director of the Instytut Nowoczesnego Biznesu (the Modern Business Institute) sent us a message, in which we read: „... Financial details of your company, which you have provided to the National Court Register, indicate that during recent years you have been developing dynamically as well as effectively. This contributed to growth of your company's market value, which won you the "Business Cheetah 2011" title and an award in our competition among 60 thousand business entities.  You have also achieved high efficiency, which allows us to recognize you with the "Effective Business 2011" title. From now on, you may use the "Gepard Biznesu 2011" (Business Cheetahs 2011) and "Efektywna Firma 2011" (Effective Business 2011) titles free of charge and for an unlimited term.

  • New dimension of face-2-face interviewing

    We have released a new off-line interviewing application for Android-based mobile devices...

    We have developed the CADAS Mobi application for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices running the linux-based Android system, which allows users to utilize all features of these handehld devices while maintaining 100% functionality of the CADAS CMI module for CAPI, which so far has been available for field interviewers' networks only on laptops. By the end of this year, we will provide a CADAS mobi application dedicated for iOS 4 and iOS 5 platform (iPad and iPhone devices)

  • Optical fibre cable for CADAS Cloud Interviewing

    We have installed optical fibre links for guests performing their interviews in our IT system...

    Due to the ongoing development of CADAS Platform project Cloud Interviewing hosting services, an optical fibre link using the OKZ 01241/Y/12 cable was installed, which connects the distribution frame installed in our server room at ul. Nowogrodzka 50 in Warsaw with the access link (AL) to the OKZ 01241/72 cable running in the municipal cable duct located nearby. This gave us a direct connection from our server room to the TP's backbone Point of Interface in the CA Nowogrodzka exchange. The installed bundle of 12 optical strands supports the "Miejski Ethernet TP" service with enormous data transmission bandwidth of 600 Mbit/s in both directions (100 Mbit/s per each strand). The symmetric wireless internet link has been kept as a backup.

  • CADAS in Bergen

    Results of surveys performed using the CASAS Platform showcased during a NATO conference in Norway...

    Between 11th and 14th of April this year, within the scope of a funded CADAS Platform project dedicated to monitoring of well-being and mental health of veterans of Polish Military Contingents on international assignments - dr. Henryk Dziewulski took part in the NATO Research and Technology Organisation conference named: "Mental Health and Well-Being Across the Military Spectrum" - as a co-author of the lecture titled: „The Well-being of Service Members and Veterans in the Light of Life-Quality Surveys in Poland”, given by prof. Stanisław Ilnicki of the Military Medical Institute (Wojskowy Instytut Medyczny).

  • CADAS Mobi Off-line

    We have finished operational tests of the off-line poll data collection PDA application for the MOBI module.

    We have finished operational tests of the off-line poll data collection PDA application for the MOBI module. Consequently the range of supported hardware and functional scope of field operational activities supported by the CADAS Platform has been significantly expanded.

  • New office

    We have moved our offices and the whole IT infrastructure to a new, comfortable office located in the centre of Warsaw.

    We have moved our offices and the whole IT infrastructure to a new, comfortable office located in the centre of Warsaw, at ull. Nowogrodzka 50, in historic building of the former National Agricultural Bank (Państwowy Bank Rolny). The building was designed by Marian Lalewicz and was built between 1926 and 1927. Carefully maintaianed interiors with stained-glass windows, colourful paintings, stuccowork and other art deco elements contribute to exceptional atmosphere of this location.