User management

The application provides a users administration module.

In order to start the module, one has to select Administration -> Users management option (Ctrl+U).

A window will show up with the user list. If no active project has been selected so far, then the full user list will be displayed, otherwise the list will only contain users assigned to the project.

Data is shown in tabular form, which can be sorted in any way, by clicking on column headers. Due to a significant volume of data, some columns are hidden. User may uncover or hide, as needed, some columns, by right clicking on the table header.

The table contains the following data:

  • User name - unique user name used for logging in
  • First and last name - first and last name of the user
  • District - the district where the user resides
  • Province - region of residence
  • City - city of residence
  • Street - address details, street
  • Street/apartment number - street and apartment number
  • Postal code - address details - postal code
  • Tax ID - taxpayer's identification number
  • Pesel - Polish Personal Identification Number
  • Mobile - mobile contact phone
  • Fixed - fixed contact phone
  • Remarks - additional remarks about the user
  • Place of birth - user's place of birth
  • Category - user's authorization level (Administrator, Supervisor, Coordinator, CAPI/CATI Interviewer, etc.)

The top bar provides access to the following options:

  • - after a name of a user to be found is entered, the user shall select this option to search.
  • - allows search options to be set.
  • - updates the list view.
  • - saves list to Excel (in the xls or csv format).
  • - opens a list from Excel (in the xls or csv format).

Right click on any user will cause the following menu to be displayed:

The administrator has access to a number of useful . Administrator may:

  • Create a new user,
  • Modify user data
  • Delete a selected user
  • Preview user schedule
  • Preview assigned quotas
  • Preview interviewer's load
  • Assign a user to active project
  • Preview interviews conducted by the user