After the user logs in and activates a project, icons on the task bar and menu will activate.

Depending on settings and group membership, certain buttons, functions and modules may remain disabled or hidden.

All the functionality of the application are available from the menu level, grouped for easier remembering and access.

Most modules open in separate windows after selecting the option Okna, where it is possible to manage/switch between opened windows.

Access to help and informations about the application version are available from menu Help.

The most frequently used options are available under respective icons in toolbar

For the description of available functions (the most frequently used ones) see below:

Active project selection

Retrieval from an .apr (archive) file

Respondents database import from a file

Respondents database export to a file

Respondents database management

Quota preview the CATI module

Quota preview the CAPI module

Checking of conducted interviews

Encoding of semi-open and open questions

Export of results

Export of questionnaire content to a document

Saving project backup as an .apr file

Servers synchronization with the CADAS Platform

Emergency upload of result files

User management ensuring quick access to user information

Logging out from the current server

Terminating the application.