The SCU application is intended to process data sets, respondents databases, results pools, etc. The procedure differs somewhat from work in the administrator's environment. After a login screen shows up, user has to enter its login id and the CADAS system password. Persons with Administrator rights may perform the majority of operations executed in SCU.

In the user login window, it is necessary to enter:

  • User name - here, enter the assigned user id (login) or user name
  • Password - enter a password created for the interviewer
  • Wybrać typ - połączenia (w zależności od ustawień TCP/IP ustawionych przez administratora)
  • Server - enter the address of the server which the user wishes to connect to.

The SCU application will connect using the following ports, depending on the connection type:

  • Unencrypted - port 1099, 1089
  • Encrypted - port 1098, 1088
  • Encrypted with key SSL (ensuring confidentiality and integrity of data transmission and authentication, based on asymmetrical encryption algorithms and so-called X.509 standard certificates) - port 1097,1087

If a message indicating the inability to connect with the server appears and the internet link is working correctly, it is necessary to check whether the ports listed above are not being blocked (e.g. by a Firewall).

Having logged in the project search window Chose project will appear.

The upper bar of the application will display the address of the server the application has connected to.