Results export on the CADAS platform is very quick and flexible tool allowing users to save data in the most optimal format for further processing. The application permits data to be saved in MS Excel, SPSS, Quantum and in text format. The module also provides an intelligent mechanism that ensures automatic adaptation of the next wave's modified questionnaire to the export format, which was used in the previous project. It allows the export format to be saved in a text file as well as question descriptions to be saved in either .pdf or .rtf format.

Even if some questions have been added or deleted the system can find (based on an identifier or text)questions which have changed and can insert them in exactly the same places. It is very important function, which is often used by data processing experts to maintain the same data format in order to allow further analyses (for example in tracking projects).

Apart from this function the export module also features:

  • Ability to filter questions, which have been selected for export, which have not been selected for export, as well as open questions and coded questions.
  • Blocking individual questions, so as to allow definition of relevant column in the set, appropriate for the questionnaire question being analysed.
  • Export structure saving and a function for its further import to another script.
  • Question search function allowing to look up any text.
  • Changing the start and the end place, and the code saving width in external files.