Developer who uses a similar project scheme may use the new project template generation function. In this way they may spare some time during project preparation, which will make their work more effective.

A template is usually a set of screens, which are always present in each questionnaire (usually a summary table, recruitment part, final screens), which questionnaire design is usually stared with. Additionally each template has also assigned style, which deter-mines color scheme of controls, page layout, resolution and fonts. In case of CAWI surveys a template usually contains the file, which defines page layout, used style sheets, company logo and graphical components.

Preparation is very straightforward. One has to save as a template the project, which is being edited. From the top panel, select File, item and then Save as a template.

The project will be saved to the templates folder. Developer may also add a folder, in which their templates will be placed.

Keep in mind that templates will be removed after the application is uninstalled!