If File is selected from the top menu or if the New project () is selected from the pop-up menu, a window will show up, where the user may select a template.

Using this functionality, the developer may:

  1. create a copy of the selected project stored locally
  2. create a copy of the currently opened project
  3. download a file from the server (user has to log in)
  4. create a copy of the project located on the server (user has to log in)
  5. begin a new project
  6. use predefined templates for various project types
A project copy is particularly useful when one needs to create next issue (wave) of a previous survey.

When a template shown on the list is selected, it will be automatically assigned with a relevant style (e.g. for CAPI surveys), and resolution matching will be performed (for example all CAPI surveys will be prepared for 1024 x 768 resolution).

When a user selects a new project from a template, it will be possible to use prepared formats for various survey types. Additionally in the Questionnaire Designer application, user may independently define own project settings.

In this window one has to enter general information about the project, such as:

  • project name
  • project category - a name used for project grouping, e.g. Samples
  • project style
  • survey technology
  • client
  • branch
  • project validity / execution date
  • project (survey) type CAPI/CAPI/CAWI/MOBI/PAPI
  • internal project (survey) number
  • person responsible for the project
  • project description
  • language versions used in the questionnaire, in case of multilingual questionnaires

Some of the details are generated automatically, such as: creation date, project creator and project modification date and person.

User may get back to this window at any time, by choosing the File > Project properties item.

In order to save the changes, user has to click the Validate button. If the Cancel button is pressed, changes will be rejected.