BPTO is a simplified version of the conjoint survey, in which only the brand and the price is taken into consideration (and possibly, packaging size). Respondent sees several brands with a unit price on the lowest researched level and selects the best of the displayed options. In the next step a product of the same brand, but with a higher price is displayed. Respondent again selects the best of the presented options in changed circumstances. Respondent proceeds according to this scheme further, until top scores are achieved or until they resign from the purchase.

The main goal of this analysis is to determine the demand curve as a function of price. In combination with products manufacturing and distribution costs, it allows to deter-mine the optimum price of the product.

In order to generate the BPTO, user has to select Tools and then Generate... and Generate BPTO... from the top menu.

A window will open, where the user has to enter the number of products and product names as well as the list of price levels.

When Generate is clicked a block of questions representing entered brands and price levels will open.