PAPI questionnaires

In order to generate a PAPI questionnaire, based on the prepared text file, one has to select Tools > Generate... > PAPI Import from the top menu.

In the window, which will show on the screen, user shall select a file, which will be used to generate the questionnaires.

When user clicks Open, new screens will be created, containing questions written in the text file.

The file being imported is a text file, which in successive lines contains definitions of variables making up the PAPI questionnaire.


wiek    NUMBER  18-65

plec    SINGLE  1-2

woj     SINGLE  1-16

miasto  TEXT    200

ulica   TEXT    100

abon    NUMBER  000.0-999.9

oper    SINGLE  1-5,99


zad1    SINGLE  1-5,9

zad2    SINGLE  1-5,9

uslugi  MULTI   1-22,98,99