Computer-assisted interviews often require ongoing quota monitoring and respondents selection. If the Tools > Quotas item is selected in the top menu, the questionnaire quota management module will show up.

On this level, user may:

  • add ( ) a new quota
  • delete it (by selecting the relevant amount and then by picking the option )
  • perform its modification (by selecting the relevant amount and then by picking the option )

If there is more than one quota defined in a project, the first quota will be treated as the MAIN QUOTA, indicating the survey progress in reports and in statistics. Therefore it is quite important that the MAIN QUOTA includes the actual survey target. The order of quotas on the list can be changed, by selecting a quota and by clicking on arrow buttons (UP / DOWN ). If the user right clicks the quota list, the functions described above will show up.

In order to create a new quota, user has to select the Add item (). Quotas are constructed basing on answers to single or multi questions. It has the form of a quantitative limit applicable to respondents, who provided their answers to specific questions. A window will be displayed, in which user has to define questions, which will make up the newly created quota.

The above example shows questions with identifiers q23 (which have been already defined as a quota element) and q24 (which has been specified as a next element of the quota being created). To add an element to the quota, the selected single or multi question must be moved to the right side of the window (). To delete a question from the quota, the selected element should be moved from the right side to the left ().

The quota name will display the information about the defined quota, i.e. the content of defined questions. User may freely change the quota title, according to his needs.

When creating a quota containing at least two questions, the application will create a quota in which answers from both questions will be crossed. The maximum number of rows in a quota created in IE web browser is 2000 (regardless of whether it is a crossed quota, e.g. q1/q4/q7or simple quota, e.g. q5).

When modifications are finished, user has to click on Apply to save changes. If Cancel is clicked, the application will return to the previous window discarding changes.

The newly created quota will be visible in SCU only after an online operation is performed.