By right clicking on the question control, while holding the CTRL button (or by selecting the option ), the script edit window will be displayed.

The window is divided into three sections:

  • Unconditional script – commands from this window are executed always, whenever the application processes the given screen (regardless of whether the screen is or is not going to be displayed to the interviewer). The application validates the saved script, executes it before user performs any action. The only exception here is the go method, which causes the application to skip to a selected screen, while omitting the script.
  • Script executed before the answer are given (Script before) – commands from this window are executed immediately before the screen is displayed, unless they are bypassed in the unconditional script.
  • Script executed after answers are given (Script after) - this window contains a script, which is executed after answers are provided. This field is particularly useful for validating entered data or for skipping from one screen to another.

If user right clicks the selected script window section, the selected section will be zoomed in. In order to return to the previous view, user has to right click the relevant script window section.

Detailed description of script commands is included in a separate part of instructions, dedicated to the scripting language (included in the CADAS application menu).