When Tools is selected in the main menu and then export a questionnaire to the server () is chosen, the export module is launched.

A message box will appear asking Do you really want to upload the project to the server? (Y/N). If the user answers Yes the login window will show up, where the user has to enter their user name, password and the address of the server from which the project is to be uploaded and select the connection type.

The window will not be displayed, if the user has previously logged onto the server.

If the project does not exist on the server, the following message box will appear:

If the user answers Yes then questionnaire will be uploaded and created on the server (if for the given project a new category, is defined, it will be also created on the server).

Having specified all export parameters, the project uploading process will start.

If the user selects the online project after upload then after the project is uploaded on the server, additionally the online process will be started. This will be the same process, as the one in the SCU application. In addition to the offline questionnaire updating, this option will additionally make changes to the project available online.

This option shall only be used if changes have been tested and confirmed by the re-searcher or by the customer.

When the process is completed, the following notification will show: