In the Questionnaire Designer, application users may download any project from a selected server, regardless of its actual location.

When Tools is selected in the main menu and then import a questionnaire from the server () is chosen, the import module will be launched. First, the login window will show up, where the user has to enter their user name, password and the address of the server from which the project is to be downloaded and select the connection type.

A new window will show up, which will allow the user to select the project to be import-ed.

User will be able to search for a project using for this purpose a search window (CTRL+F) - by default the search will be performed by the Project name and Project number. User may also specify the category and the phase the project shall be in.

User may also use advanced search options:


  • Display test projects - these are projects, which are not included in the ranking, e.g. projects for practicing (the default setting is "do not show").
  • Show hidden projects (sub-projects) - this refers to questionnaires, which are not visible to interviewers, e.g. a sub-project containing multimedia (it is set to not show by default).

One may specify additional search parameters, i.e. the responsible person and the sur-vey id., if this data has been entered (by default the application searches by project names).

It is also possible to search for projects of specific time range, in this case, it is necessary to select the date criterion and then enter the range by selecting dates from the calendar window.

Other search criteria are used for selection of the search location (category) and the project phase (the stage of preparation, execution or completion), survey technology, client and branch. This information is automatically obtained from the server with the project.

After search parameters are defined, user has to select OK, to save or Cancel, to reject changes. The Reset option will restore the default settings.

Following confirmation, the software will search for and display projects matching the specified parameters.

Having selected a project, the Select the questionnaire version to download, window will show up, which allows user to select either offline (default) or online. questionnaire import mode. By default, changes and corrections are entered in the offline version and only after the offline version (working draft) is accepted by the researcher/client, the offline version is made available to interviewers (online operation). The online download option is used only to restore the version, which has been already made available to interviewers, in order to cancel made changes.