The top panel contains a toolbox, which can be used to create/edit properties of projects/questionnaires.

The File menu allows to:

  • create a new project (NEW PREOJECT )
  • open a new editor instance which allows two questionnaires to be edited concurrently (NEW WINDOW)
  • load a previously created project from a file (OPEN A PROJECT )
  • open a recent file (RECENTLY OPEN)
  • save modifications to the file (SAVE CTRL+S )
  • save modifications to a new file (SAVE AS..)
  • save the opened questionnaire as a template (SAVE AS A TEMPLATE)
  • close opened questionnaire (CLOSE)
  • edit project properties (PROJECT PROPERTIES)
  • print the project structure (PRINT)
  • update version of the software from a selected server (UPDATE VERSION)
  • change language of the application (LANGUAGE)
  • logout from the server (LOGOUT)
  • exit the application (EXIT)

The Edit, menu contains editing functions, allowing the user to:

  • undo editing changes made on the screen (UNDO CTRL+Z )
  • redo editing changes (REDO CTRL+Y )
  • delete the current screen or a selected control (DEL )
  • insert a new screen (INSERT)
  • select all elements (SELECT ALL - CTRL+A) e.g. whole text in a label, all controls on the screen, all screens
  • cut an item to the clipboard (CUT CTRL+X ), copy an item to the clipboard (COPY CTRL+C ) and paste the clipboard content (PASTE CTRL+V ) and paste formatted text (CTRL+SHIFT+V)
  • finding (FIND - CTRL+F) any text and optionally replacing any text with another
  • navigate between found elements(FIND NEXT - F3) and find previous (FIND PREVIOUS - CTRL+F3)

The Tools, menu contains elements, which allow the user to:

  • importing a questionnaire from the server (DOWNLOAD A FILE FROM THE SERVER ) and exporting a questionnaire onto the server (UPLOAD THE PROJECT TO THE SERVER )
  • launching the style management module, which allows editing of default parameters of objects positioned on the screen being designed (STYLE EDIT)
  • component properties modification allowing bulk modification of selected project elements appearance settings
  • launching the whole script window (WHOLE SCRIPT EDIT ALT+I), allowing reviewing and validating its correctness
  • ability to edit the whole questionnaire in the form of a single file e.g. batch edit mode (BATCH EDIT)
  • opening the script window (SCRIPT EDIT - ALT+S) for the active question
  • launching the script generation module: MaxDiff, CBC, BTPO basing on a plan or PAPI Import
  • questionnaire export to an Android or Java Mobile mobile device
  • launching the questionnaire debugger module (DEBBUGER)
  • editing and creating quotas
  • editing of the end page displayed to respondents after the end of the survey, in case of a CAWI questionnaire

The Navigation, menu contains items, which allow the user to:

  • move, back (PREVIOUS CTRL+UP ) and forward (NEXT CTRL+DOWN ), between created questionnaire screens
  • removing selected answers from the application memory (CLEAR ANSWERS - F5)
  • previewing the prepared questionnaire in the IE browser window (PREVIEW - F9)
  • launching the questionnaire for entered respondent address data

The Windows menu, contains elements allowing the user to:

  • arranging open windows horizontally or vertically (ARANGE WINDOWS HORIZONTALLY ALT+H/VERTICALLY ALT+V)
  • closing all open windows (CLOSE ALL)
  • switching between selected windows (open windows list)

The Help menu contains information about the application, operating instructions and scripting language documentation.