Control in the CADAS system is a very sophisticated, yet user friendly application module. the Application is intended to design projects/questionnaires locally (i.e. without server connection). Users can use a range of components and functions assisting in creation of various questions (according to requirements).

The main panel contains a toolbox, which can be used to create/edit properties of projects/questionnaires. User can use a range of options, settings, which allow individual on-screen elements to be customized: starting with editing tools (text, elements sizes, etc.), up to questionnaire modification settings.

On the left side of the screen a list of created screens will be shown. In this section, user may preview individual screens and perform operations on complete screens. The screen list displays screen names and identifiers (generated automatically).

On the right side all possible types of questions are listed, to speed up and facilitate creation of needed questions.

In the central part of the screen, user may edit individual objects, which will be visible for the interviewer. User may also enable filters, which will guide the respondent through the project.