Using the Application

Telephone connections shall be initiated from the interviewing interface in the web browser. After user logs in, selects a project and a database record, telephone numbers will appear on the top bar. In case of the majority of phone numbers, the number which has been dialled recently is marked blue.

On the first call attempt, a call from the switch will be received. After a number is clicked, a window will show. Ringing sound will be also heard in headphones.

If you can not see the window, but you can hear the tone, click on the CADAS SoftPhone icon on the task bar and the window shall reappear. Then click on the green handset icon. When a call is received a dialling signal can be heard and call status shall be visible on the screen. The telephone will remain connected with the switch for 1 minute since the termination of the last call. During the next call you will not have to click the green handset icon, unless you have made a longer break. Direct dialling from the phone level is not recommended

It is possible to lock dialling of phone numbers from outside the interviewing panel, on the level of the configuration file on the call server. If you wish to dial another phone number, which is not on the list, use the Other option