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CADAS highly valued in TNS Polska. Currently we are conducting almost 200,000 interviews per year using this solution. Combined with professional support services and development works, this gives us significant technological edge, especially in mystery shopper surveys and in other demanding projects of the local market.

dr Piotr Kwiatkowski President of the Board, TNS Poland

Investing almost PLN 1,000,000 from EU grants in a comprehensive B2B IT system, consisting of the CADAS software, and a telecommunication & IT infrastructure with dedicated hardware contributed to dynamic growth of MANDS  service sales. During only one year, the number of effective interviews conducted in annual cycle has increased (up to 160 000). The CADAS Software company has been performing exceptionally well in the role of the general contractor, contributing their knowledge and sense of project responsibility in all stages of the project: commencing with the preliminary discussions of business assumptions and aims, through design of detailed organizational and technical solutions during the efforts to source funding, up to arrangement of deliveries and operational launch of the system.

Maciej Ciechanowicz Company owner, MANDS Badania Rynku i Opinii

The CATI module of the CADAS system deserves special recognition of research teams of all radio broadcasters. The main reason behind this is its true quality and combined with flawless support of audio recordings played back to respondents during telephone interviews. All this has been achieved in the RMF Group without unnecessary costs. That means we relied on our existing ISP links and regular call-centre headsets. We relied on purely software-based solution applied by CADAS Software, which eliminates the need to use classic PABX equipment. The telephony system can be conveniently operated from the single administration application integrated with the interviewing system. We have acquired necessary system stability and rich palette of functions, which reduce costs and make our team’s life easier.

Mariusz Gołda Marketing Director, Group RMF

PBS has been using CADAS software since 2009. Thanks to the flexibility of CADAS software solutions, which optimizes field work efficiency, it is now possible to quickly respond to dynamically changing demands. Another considerable advantage of the CADAS platform is its ability to work in the Cati@Home system, which ensures unlimited studio scalability while maintaining the top quality of its services. This ensures comprehensive and centralized control over all projects and permits ongoing remote monitoring of agents, regardless of the project’s whereabouts. With the openness and development focus of the CADAS team, the system functionality can be constantly developed. This contributed to improved productivity and development of additional functions in all surveying techniques in the recent year. Another very important feature of the software is its availability on all Android-based mobile devices, as this eliminates potential obstacles in development of new delivery techniques.

Karina Ziembińska Director of Fieldwork, PBS

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