About us

Who Are We?

We are an IT company through and through, but we belong to the research world with our heart and soul.

  • Our everyday work consists in transforming typical interviewer tasks and activities into computer-based operating procedures.
  • We are professionals with many years of experience in the market research and public opinion polling industry.
  • We have extensive education in both IT and sociology and methodology.

What Do We Do?

We support the best practices in top class market research and public opinion polling with proven information and communication technologies and bold solutions.

  • We make highly specialized software for the market research and public opinion polling industry and have earned a good reputation among researchers and application users.
  • We provide new IT and technology solutions that meet the increasing needs and challenges in the market research and public opinion polling industry.
  • We provide our software using the PaaS (Platform as a Service) model with our servers and lines.


„CADAS Software Sp. z o. o.” is a limited liability company registered in Poland.

  • Established: 9 October 1990
  • 100% of the share capital is owned by natural persons—Polish citizens involved with sociology circles and the market research and public opinion polling industry.
  • Changes in the core business: 1990–1991—market research; 1992–2004—field survey support and polling data processing services; since 2004—survey software manufacturing, accompanying IT services and hosting surveys on our own web platform.
  • • Historical names: IBRIS Sp. z o.o., Market Service KSG Sp. z o.o., Market-Info-Service Sp. z o.o.

Human Capital

The core of our Company’s human resources is a permanent team working with an unchanged lineup since 2004.

The IT work (of programmers, developers, implementation and service specialists) is managed by Paweł Pawłowski MSc Eng. (born 1976), a graduate of the Electronics and Telecommunications Department of the Poznań University of Technology (2001) and Post-graduate IT Project Management Studies at the Warsaw University of Technology (2003). Since 2001, Paweł Pawłowski has been continually involved in IT support for surveys. Since 2003, that is from the very beginning of the CADAS platform and accompanying applications, he has been its chief architect and author.

Henryk Dziewulski PhD (born 1953) is responsible for cooperation with CADAS licensees and users as well as research project support customers. Henryk Dziewulski graduated from the Institute of Sociology of Warsaw University (1979) and specializes in social research methodologies and computer-aided survey technologies. In 1996, he received a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Warsaw University in philosophy and sociology (under prof. Jerzy Szacki PhD). Since 1983, Henryk Dziewulski has been professionally active in applied survey research and has devoted at least 25 years to technical and IT support for research fieldwork, which is his personal passion. Since 1998 he has been continually active in the field of commercial market research and public opinion polling industry and held various positions: the CATI Studio Head (2 years), Research Director (2 years), and Executive New Technology Officer (3 years) at a large research agency, as well as the CEO of a Polish company (5 years) which during his term developed its own survey software from scratch.